Oops! John and Edward have done it again

When I heard X Factor’s John and Edward would be performing Oops!  I did it again, I mentally prepared myself for one of the most disturbing performances of all time.  Things didn’t get any better when they emerged wearing tight, red PVC jackets.  But I think it turned out to be the most entertaining performance of the night.

Yes, the other contestants can sing and dance well, but John and Edward have a unique selling point:  they can’t do either of those things.  As irritating as it was when they believed they were the next Backstreet Boys, they’ve now become weirdly entertaining.

And I’m not the only one who’s fallen for their “unique” brand of entertainment.  Last week they managed to avoid the bottom two despite a truly hideous performance of Rock DJ.  As unlikely as it seemed at the beginning, it seems that they are gathering a following as a novelty act.  Even Simon is warming to them.  Looking unusually happy, he told the boys on Saturday that their performance reminded him of The Exorcist.  Perhaps not the ideal compliment for an act to receive, but he has a point.  Parts of the Britney Spears rendition were truly terrifying, yet for some reason I wanted to watch it again.

Don’t ask me what’s so entertaining about the deluded duo.  Yes, the out-of-time dance routines provide endless comedy moments.  And the out-of-tune singing is equally funny.  But couldn’t we see something similarly hopeless at a local school play?  No, John and Edward have something else which makes us support them against all our better judgement.  The X Factor, perhaps?  If so, we may have to prepare ourselves for the most unlikely winners to date.


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