Specialist blogs

Adam Tinworth, creator of One Man and His Blog, explained how to attract viewers in the highly competitive world of blogging.  In many ways, a good blog post is similar to good article:  they need to be interesting, varied and well-researched.  However, there is one main difference.  Bloggers need to be specialists.

As journalists, we often have to write about a new subject at a moment’s notice.  Whether it’s a political article, a theatre review or a TV listing, we have to be prepared for all possiblities.  But this approach doesn’t necessarily work as well on a blog.

In a seemingly endless world of blogs, the writer must have the knowledge to draw the reader in.  They must do all they can to stand out in such a crowded market.  So does this mean the journalist ‘jack-of-all-trades’ era is over?  Will all journalists have to find their own niche to specialise in?

It appears that journalists are now becoming defined more by their niche knowledge than the publication they work for.  A magazine now could publish videos, create blogs, write news articles and features.  Although the definition of a magazine has become broader, specialist knowledge is required to make it work.  We are branching out in terms of media, but perhaps our subject focus is becoming narrower.  A blog by someone who doesn’t know much about their subject is common.  A blog by someone who is respected in their field, however, differentiates itself from the others and attracts followers.


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