Rory Cellan-Jones: From typewriter to twitter

BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones spoke about the huge changes in journalism last week.

The days of the typewriter are over, but Rory Cellan-Jones remains positive (Picture courtesy of Valeriana Solaris)

Rory started out in the days before multimedia journalism.  He went out, got a story, and typed it up.  ITN and BBC were the only noteworthy competitors in the field.  It is what many refer to as the ‘Golden Age’ of journalism.

However, Rory maintains that the Golden Age is not in the past.  He is living proof that those who trained before the age of multimedia are able to adapt to the new demands of the industry.  Now he twitters, he uses social networks and uses new technology to enhance his reporting.

Yes, the competition is now tougher.  There are now far more rivals to consider than ITN and BBC.  The number of news providers is countless, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out.

But Rory believes that, with the right attitude, the Golden Age of journalism may be ahead of us.  And although it may feel like everything has changed, the basic principles have still stayed the same.  It’s easy to get lost in the world of social networking and blogging, but Rory believes in the good, old-fashioned method of talking to people.  As he says on his blog, “I still find you need to look your boss in the eye from time to time”.


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