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Jedward song choices

So Jedward delivered another monumental performance on Saturday, inspired by 90s rap legend Vanilla Ice.  Simon even gave them their own country of “Jedwardland”.

Now that my love for the twins has become public, I thought I would address the one question on everyone’s lips this week:  what will the twins sing this Saturday?  Here are a few of my suggestions:

1.  Chumbawumba – Tubthumpin’ Perfect for the boys  – they get knocked down, but they get up again, you ain’t ever gonna keep them down.  Plus it doesn’t have much of a tune – although Jedward are becoming less vocally challenged, I’m still not sure they’re quite ready to attempt the high notes.

Could the twins rock the 90s look?

2.  PJ and Duncan – Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble After Louis suggested the twins could be the new Ant & Dec, it seems only right they pay homage to one of their 90s numbers.  And who didn’t secretly love PJ and Duncan?  I can see a classic Jedward outfit coming on – nineties fashion at its best.  Tracksuits would also  make a welcome move away from their PVC numbers…

3.  Beastie Boys Fight for the Right to Party Jedward may be too young to remember who the Beastie Boys are, but I think they could do them proud with this song.  If they manage to incorporate any of their ground-breaking dance moves in with it, all the better.

What do you think?  Any suggestions welcome…


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Jedward survive another week

The twins have caused more controversy this week

So Jedward have ousted Lucie in a shock X Factor result.  Simon’s decision to rely on the public vote has provoked widespread outrage.  And as much as I love Ireland’s dynamic duo, I was surprised and disappointed to see a contender like Lucie go.  But let’s not be too hard on the boys.

Yes, many people find them annoying.  Their singing talents are at best mediocre.  And to the untrained eye, their performances may resemble a bad pantomime act.

But let’s consider how many gifted artists have been unappreciated in their own time.  Van Gogh.  Bach.  Wilde.  Maybe one day people will look back and marvel at how the twins’ genius went unnoticed.  There’s a lot of potential behind that mass of generously backcombed hair.

The “Jedward experience” is unlike anything we’ve seen before and, in many ways, ahead of its time.  Who could ever have imagined that a Ghostbusters dance routine would become such an integral part of the X Factor?  Say what you like about them, they’re certainly different.

And what they lack in conventional ability, they make up for with enthusiasm.  That requires one hell of a lot of enthusiasm.  Every week they come out and desperately try to win over the audience.  They wear humiliating costumes.  They do backflips.  They attempt Irish rap.  What more could an audience ask for?

"If there's something strange in the neighbourhood": the 3am girls have started a nation-wide craze for Jedward masks

"If there's something strange in your neighbourhood": the 3am girls have started a nationwide craze for Jedward masks

So, as unpopular as it may seem, I’ll be backing the twins to the bitter end.  And it seems that I’m not the only one.  Little by little, people are seeing the light that is Jedward.  As Louis puts it, they “have something”.  Whether it’s a good or bad thing I’m not sure, but they definitely have something.  And that’s a great place to start.


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